Back To School: Setting the Stage with Morning Routines

bedtime rountines Aug 09, 2023
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As the Back-to-School season approaches, we're here to support you and your kids with strategies to ensure a successful year.

Setting the Stage with Morning Routines

For Elementary Kids A smooth start to the day sets a positive tone for the rest of it. Establishing a morning routine not only aids a great beginning but also instills a valuable practice for life. Consistent wake-up times and allowing sufficient travel time without rushing are key components. Parents, consider waking up a bit earlier to relish some quiet moments before the morning rush. Mornings may not be ideal for corrections unless absolutely necessary; timing matters. Also, grant yourself and your kids time to adjust by initiating the school morning routine a couple of weeks ahead. Although it might not be the most enjoyable aspect, the effort will undoubtedly pay off. Remember to celebrate your kids' progress and efforts individually, as they each view routines uniquely.

For Middle School Kids Middle schoolers cherish their sleep, often staying up late due to changing sleep patterns. Implementing a morning routine significantly contributes to a successful start, even if they don't enthusiastically embrace it. Engaging your middle schooler in crafting their routine can foster a sense of ownership. Prior to the school year's start, collaborate to design a plan that accommodates their preferences and outlines their morning steps. Involving them empowers them to take charge and cultivate a smoother morning experience, increasing their overall satisfaction with the routine.

For High School Kids Convincing a high schooler to adopt a morning routine might be challenging, but it's essential, much like it was during their elementary years. Although their routine may differ significantly now, your presence remains crucial. Whether they're a seasoned driver or approaching that milestone, their mornings likely brim with extra energy. Even as they grow more independent, ensure your relationship remains an integral part of their life. During these fleeting moments as they rush out the door, dedicate time for meaningful interactions. Express your love and support, adapting your approach to their evolving needs.

The First Day of School may be approaching fast, but with well-established morning routines and the support of the Goby community, you and your gobies are well-equipped to make this year the best one yet. Let's tackle the challenges ahead with enthusiasm, organization, and a sense of togetherness. Here's to a successful and fulfilling school year ahead!