Confidence is Key

Apr 30, 2024

We all want to raise confident kids. The world is full of doubt, and as parents, we’ve got to help our kids grow strong self-esteem. It all begins by showing them how much they matter, not just to us but to God.

Be a Mirror of God's Love
When you tell your kids they’ve done a good job, ensure they know you love them for who they are, not just what they do. God loves us no matter what, and that’s the kind of love we need to give our kids. Help them see that they’re awesome just because they exist.

Start every morning by reminding your child that they’re amazing, just like the Bible says in Psalm 139:14 – they're "fearfully and wonderfully made." Not for anything they've done, but just because they’re them.

Walk with God
Help your kids get to know God on their own. This relationship could be the strongest one they ever have. It'll show them their true worth and give them confidence that won’t crumble when things get tough.

What Can You Do?
Carve out some quiet time each day for them to pray or read a devotional. Maybe they can learn about Bible heroes like David or Esther, who were strong because they trusted God.

Serve and Grow
Nothing beats helping others to boost self-esteem. Kids learn that they can make a difference, and it gives them a sense of purpose. It’s a real-life way to show God’s love in action.

What Can You Do?
Why not do some community service as a family once a month? Pick something your kid is into so they feel connected to the work and the people you’re helping.

By weaving these three things into your parenting, you do much more than just boost your child's confidence. You’re planting the truth in their heart that they’re a wonderful creation of God, loved beyond measure. Every little step helps them believe in themselves and where their true value comes from