Fight Isolation

Apr 30, 2024

In today’s world, it’s easy to think it’s all about looking out for number one and handling everything solo. But the Bible has a different take on things—it tells us we’re meant to be there for each other, like a team. Take Hebrews 10:24-25, for instance. It’s basically saying, "Don’t go it alone; cheer each other on, and let’s do some good in this world together." Now, this is super relevant when we’re talking about our kids. They need to feel connected and like they’re a part of something bigger.

What Can You Do?
What does this look like in real life? For starters, getting out there with your family to do some good in the neighborhood is a solid move. Helping others isn’t just nice; it shows your kids what Jesus’s love looks like in action and brings you closer together as a family.

As parents, we have an opportunity to coach our kids on making friends and being the kind of friends we’re called to be. This starts at home, just by chatting and showing we care. But we’ve also got to encourage them to join groups, whether at church or in the community, where they can hang with others who get what we’re all about.

We can also set up times for our kids to play and learn with others. It could be anything from a game day to a Bible study group or even a club focused on whatever they’re into. It’s about giving them the chance to be themselves, to share what they love, and to learn how to be part of a group.

The bottom line? Living in a community is God’s idea. It’s not just about following orders; it’s about making our lives—and our kids’ lives—richer and more connected. By making fellowship a priority, we’re taking a stand against loneliness and showing our kids a world where they’re part of a bigger family.

Let’s make it our mission to build those connections with a lot of heart and show the love and diversity at the core of God’s big idea.