I Am Thankful

Feb 21, 2024

I get it, you are busy. It's easy to be swept along in the long list of doing, and forget to notice God’s blessings all around us. How often do you pause, if only for a moment, to recognize the goodness of God in your life?

Let’s take a pen and paper and write down three things about yourself for which you are grateful. It could be your calm spirit, the laughter you inspire, or the resilience you’ve mustered in recent trials. Start with this prompt:

"Today, I’m thankful for my ability to [...]showing God's work in my life."

This practice isn't just for the now—it's for the days ahead, those moments when you need to remind yourself of the light you carry within. It's also a silent lesson to our children, showing them the power of acknowledging their own strengths. As they watch you count your blessings, they, too, learn to celebrate their own. Remember, you have many blessings to count.