I Am Worthy

Feb 13, 2024

How often do we pray for our children, hoping for their well-being and happiness? In these conversations with God, we how often do we forget to include ourselves? Why do we leave ourselves out, not recognizing that we, too, need His help?

Consider this: it takes just five minutes before your world awakens with all its demands. Five minutes for a pause, a quiet moment with God. Try starting your day with a simple prayer, something like,

"God, I come to you, just as I am. Remind me that I am valuable, loved, and made on purpose. Give me the strength to share this love with my kids so they grow up knowing Your love, too. Amen."

Let these words be spoken and felt. Sit with them. When we truly understand our place in God’s family, we also teach our children to see their invaluable place in it. It is incredible to know that we can help our children know true freedom. Remember, you are worthy.