Let's Talk About Shining Light on Doubtful Moments

Mar 05, 2024

Let's talk about doubt and how it follows us around, especially on the tough days. It's sneaky, showing up with questions about our choices, faith, and ability to navigate parenthood. Here's a little secret: doubt doesn't mean your faith is weak; it means it's alive and kicking, asking to be explored and strengthened.

Faith isn't about having all the answers; it's about seeking them, even when the questions make us uncomfortable. It's about finding light in the darkness and hope in the uncertainty. Every question and doubt is an opportunity to solidify our beliefs and understand our journey more clearly.

Write This Down:

Write down the things that make you feel uncertain or fearful and toss them into a jar or container. Then, flip the script by finding a Bible verse or a positive affirmation that speaks to that doubt. Periodically pull out these notes to remind yourself of your journey, the questions you've wrestled with, and the faith that's grown stronger because of it.
This jar isn't just a collection of doubts; it's a testament to your journey of navigating the uncertainties with faith as your guide. It's a powerful reminder that light shines bright even in moments of doubt.