Navigating Storms

Apr 30, 2024

Parenting can be tough, right? We're all trying to figure it out, especially when it comes to handling our kids' worries and fears. Anxiety is sneaky-it creeps up on you and your kids when you least expect it.

But what if we looked at anxiety as a chance to teach and learn? When your kid can't sleep because they're anxious about what tomorrow brings, that's a chance to connect and share a bit of what we all go through. It's an opportunity to show them how to be kind to themselves and understand their feelings.

What Can You Do?
Encourage your kids to write down what they're feeling in a prayer journal. It will help them see that God is always there, even in the mess and the worry.

And home, let’s make it a safe space for everyone. A place where it's okay to talk about what scares you and what you dream about and where the peace of God is as real as the roof over your head. Try setting up a family prayer time. It's about sharing what's on your mind and heart with God and each other.

Prayer is powerful, especially for kids. They learn to turn their anxieties into prayers as you pray with them. It's a way to find strength and peace that doesn't just come from within but from God.

You could also help them memorize Bible verses. They can learn to lean on God's promises, so they remember they're never alone and that God is always with them.

In the end, isn't it all about teaching them to be brave and find peace in God's love? Let's show our kids how to face their fears with faith.