Navigating the Waters of Fear

Dec 05, 2023

Childhood is a journey filled with a myriad of experiences. From the thrill of riding a bicycle for the first time to the unsettling fear of monsters under the bed, it's a time of immense growth and discovery. As these tiny humans navigate the world, they'll inevitably stumble upon fears and uncertainties. A few things worked for my kids when they were little. And these tips and tricks work with my grandkids today!


Pray Together: The power of prayer is immeasurable. Start by making prayer a daily habit. As you wake your little one, whisper a prayer of gratitude for the day ahead. And as night falls and their eyelids grow heavy, close the day with words of thanks and a prayer for protection. Through this practice, children can understand that God's ears are always attentive to their calls. They'll learn that turning to prayer can offer solace and strength in moments of fear.


Share Biblical Stories: The Bible is a treasure trove of tales that showcase bravery, resilience, and unwavering faith amidst daunting challenges. The story of David and Goliath is a powerful testament to this. Young David, equipped with only a sling and a few stones, managed to defeat the towering Goliath, not by his strength but by his unyielding faith in God. By sharing such stories, you illuminate the idea that fear and adversity can be overcome's side, no matter how large, with God by one. Over time, these stories can serve as spiritual touchstones for children, reminding them of the power of faith when they encounter their own "Goliaths."


Maintain Open Communication: It's vital for children to feel seen and heard, especially when grappling with fears that might seem trivial to adults. It's our duty as parents to provide a safe space for our children to express their anxieties. Listen actively, without judgment. Validate their feelings. Sometimes, the mere act of verbalizing their fears can diminish their intensity. Maintaining open communication channels reinforces the idea that they are never alone in their struggles. As Proverbs 22:6 states, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." In keeping the lines of communication open, you guide them toward faith, trust, and open-heartedness.


While it's natural to want to shield our children from every harm, it's more fruitful to equip them with tools like prayer, biblical wisdom, and open dialogue. By doing so, we're helping them navigate their childhood fears and instilling in them a foundation of faith that will buoy them through life's challenges.