Teaching the Art of Relying on God

Dec 26, 2023

Teaching children to navigate their emotions is a huge responsibility. Teaching kids about courage, kindness, and honesty can sometimes feel overwhelming. Plus, we need to figure out how to teach them the profound act of surrendering their worries to God. And we have to do laundry, make beds, cook dinner, and get science fair projects ready! Here are three things you can do to help your kids see how to take the dainty fear and uncertainty they may feel and let God have them.


1. Demonstrate Through Action: As parents, we are our children's primary blueprint. They keenly observe our reactions, behaviors, and coping mechanisms. When faced with challenges, let’s lead by example. In moments of uncertainty, instead of succumbing to anxiety, let your child witness you pausing, taking a deep breath, and uttering a prayer. Whether during daily prayers or spontaneous moments when you feel overwhelmed, let them see that your first instinct is to turn to God. By regularly displaying this act of surrender, children will intuitively adopt this behavior, understanding that turning to God can provide the strength they need in their weakest moments.


2. Simplify Complex Concepts: The beauty of faith is that it doesn't need to be wrapped in complexities. At its core, faith is a simple, unwavering trust in God. For children, especially, simplicity can be the key. Instead of delving into theological discussions, introduce them to an essential yet powerful prayer: “God, I am scared. Please help.” This concise prayer is easy to remember, and its potency lies in its honesty. It encourages children to acknowledge their fear and seek divine intervention, forging a direct, heartfelt connection with God.


3. Reflect and Rejoice: Overcoming a challenge or facing a fear is a milestone in a child's life, no matter how trivial it might seem to adults. After such moments, it's essential to sit down and reflect. Engage in a gentle conversation about how they felt, what they prayed for, and how things turned out. These conversations reinforce the idea that God listens and responds. Celebrate their bravery and faith. It could be through words of praise, a special treat, or simply spending quality time together. By making these moments memorable, you solidify the idea that leaning on faith is not only comforting but also rewarding.


Fears and uncertainties are inevitable. We equip our children with an invaluable tool by teaching them the art of relying on God. This tool promises a life with challenges and offers a compass to navigate them. As they grow, this foundation of faith will guide them through their young years and anchor them in adulthood.